Shanthi Residence

The plot situated besides a very busy junction, bisecting two important roads connecting Thalaserry to Manjodi. Being located inmidst of heavy commercial activities, primary challenge was to create a liveable space within. To cut the buzzling noise of the vehicles, the dust and the direct vision from the road and moving vehicles were the main design intends. Though the idea of an inward looking house, masking the road edge was contemplated, a constant debate for achieving an open plan, with green allaround, yet achieving the main design intends resulted in a all new concept of a “house within a frame ”, a frame that filters noise,vision, dust and creates a playfullness of light, making the entire space , especially the landscape within and the terrace a living space by itself.The multiple buffer, from the compound wall to the trees, to the screen ensured a very open, airy living space within with a lot of warmth and calmness Existing access is retained as main entry to the site & the existing structure is converted to as the porch. GREEN BUFFER space with thick landscape & a green screen is developed to proof the sound from busy traffic. THE CORE space is identified as the living space